Tennis court fences - The key to beautiful landscaping

Building high-quality tennis courts that will last and play beautifully for years is only half the story. It’s important to landscape your court into its surroundings, and to frame it with an attractive fencing system. En-Tout-Cas offer two top-quality fencing systems for tennis courts: Estate or our patented Obelisk system - available only from En-Tout-Cas.

It was our dissatisfaction with the aesthetic appeal of the available fencing that first led us to develop and patent our own tennis court fencing. En-Tout Cas’ Obelisk concept provides a support for colourful climbing plants, and brings grace and elegance to the playing environment. These court surrounds will transform your court's environment.

The discreet charm of the obelisk system

The obelisk system of tennis court fencing is attractive and unobtrusive. Its slender Gothic stanchions are easy on the eye. The frame also gives all the strength required to withstand severe storms. The result is a tennis court that blends seamlessly into its surroundings. To avoid the box-like effect of angle iron, the surround heights can also be varied - for example with a high back and low sides.

This further enhances the aesthetic appeal of the surrounds, giving uninterrupted lines of sight and enabling spectators to have a clearer view of the match. The whole experience of playing on a garden tennis court is enhanced. From a distance the Obelisk fence is hard to see.

Alternatively, you can choose our Estate Fencing System, which uses sturdy high-quality fence posts with ball caps for country estate elegance.


Our Estate tubular fencing is a superior quality product. It is made from 48mm diameter thick wall tube for gate and corner-posts, and 42mm diameter thick wall tube for intermediate posts.

All posts are galvanised, etch primed and painted green or black. Tube is far stronger than traditional angle iron, and can, like obelisk, be concreted to full depth and provide foundation for the edgings. Ball finials on tube fencing can give a look of estate fencing.


What's more, its structure works much better as a practice aid. It gives a more realistic response, angle and speed than an old-fashioned concrete wall.


With a little thought and ingenuity, it's possible to use your tennis court for other sports. In the process, you can save space - and money, compared to the cost of creating separate structures.

The video shows a cricket practice net on an En-Tout-Cas Savanna court. The addition of a soft net surround, just outside the lines of the tennis court, but inside the court fencing, created a space for a cricket practice net. This space-saving idea is unobtrusive and saved the £10,000 cost of laying a separate surface for a cricket practice net. Installation is quick and easy.



Our patented obelisks provide a stylish alternative to traditional fence posts. what's more, their open design allows for a clearer view of the court and their strength reduces the number of supports needed. They also provide an attractive system of plant support. And that's not just ou opinion -freestanding obelisks can make for an appealing garden feature, says the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) in a recent edition of its house magazine The Garden.

However, planting needs careful consideration to avoid the structure being overwhelmed by too much plant growth. The RHS sets out a selection of great ideas for obelisk planting including such favourites as clematis, roses, morning glory and rhododendron.

The designation ‘AGM’ after some of the plants indicates the award of an RHS Award of Garden Merit. This is a long-established annual award for plants by the British Royal Horticultural Society (RHS). It is based on an assessment of the plants' performance under UK growing conditions.

The RHS uses a clever hardiness guide to help you choose the right plants for your location. Click here to be forwarded to the RHS page. 

Red-flowered clematis
Clematis Rebecca: compact startling red-flowered clematis ideal for an obelisk and grows well in a container, in some sun. Size: 2.5m (8ft). Hardiness H6.

Chilean Glory Flower
Eccremocarpus scaber: delicate-looking climber with fern-like foliage and masses of white, yellow, pink, red tubular flowers, Often grown as an annual but perennial, except in a cold winter. Stands some shade. Size 4m (13ft) Hardiness H3. (Popularly known as the Chilean Glory Flower)

Morning Glory
Ipomoea lobata AGM: tender annual twining climber raised from seed each year with enchanting racemes of red and yellow tubular flowers in summer, until the frosts. Needs a sunny fertile site. Size: 2.5m (8ft) Hardiness H1c. (Popularly known as morning glory)

Mock Orange
Philadelphus mexicanus: shrub with trailing stems and heavily scented, cup-shaped, pink-blotched cream flowers in midsummer. Vigorous; prune annually to keep it within a large obelisk.

Needs a sunny sheltered site. Size 3m (10ft) much more if allowed. Hardiness: H4.

Purple Bell Vine
Rhodochiton atrosanguineus AGM: tender seed-raised annual climber with masses of unusual, dangling purple flowers through summer. Needs sun. Size: 2.5m (8ft). Hardiness: H2. Also known as the purple bell vine.

Rosa Warm Welcome AGM: easy, compact climbing rose smothered with single, bright orange flowers through summer. Sun or light shade. Size 2.5m (8ft). Hardiness H6.



Styles and sizes for everyone

We offer a range of premium quality tennis court pavilions to complement your court. Manufactured by timber specialists, our courts – in classic designs – will provide a useful and attractive addition to the beauty of an En-Tout-Cas tennis court.

En-Tout-Cas tennis court pavilions are craftsmen-built from FSC-certified timber and finished to the highest standards to give years of enjoyment.

There are four pavilions in our range, and they are designed to meet most needs. However, if you have a specific design in mind, we can design a bespoke pavilion for you.


The Syston Arbour offers an attractive sheltered seating area, alongside your tennis court, as a place to enjoy the match or to coach your players. Or, just as a lovely relaxing seat after your match, for that well-earned cup of tea or a G & T. This arbour is manufactured from pressure impregnated European redwood, with a decorative blue stain, and has a charming cedar shingle roof with timber finial, as standard. The box seating offers a convenient, self-contained storage space for all your tennis equipment.

Height to top of roof - 3.09m

Height to eaves - 1.43m

Width - 3.636m

Depth - 1.296m


The Hillyard offers the best of both worlds with an area to view your grounds and to store your tennis equipment.

The Hillyard has a sizeable storage area enabling the equipment to be securely and neatly tidied away at the end of play. And, with the integral covered seating area, this building provides a very practical solution for your court surrounds with the perfect spectator shelter, if needed, from sun or wind.

The Hillyard has painted, laminated glazed windows, with a decorative Gothic finish, and traditional oak posts. Manufactured in pressure impregnated European redwood, with a dark green stain, the building has a cedar shingle roof. Copper guttering and downpipes can also be added to the building, if desired.

Height to top of roof - 3.45m
Height to eaves - 2.35m
Width - 4.836m
Depth - 3.036m


A champion among pavilions, for looks and space, and ideal for a celebratory Pimms with friends.

A spacious and distinctive pavilion that will sit comfortably next to your En-Tout-Cas tennis court. The Championship Lodge is the perfect space for keeping spare equipment, for getting changed ready to play or simply to entertain friends before, during or after your match.

Manufactured in Larch, complete with striking cedar shingle roof, the Championship Lodge is internally lined with tongue and groove style boarding. The underside of the roof is lined in a plain boarding, and is painted in an off-white finish, as is the internal lining. The doors and windows are pressure impregnated and can be painted, as required. Copper guttering and downpipes can also be added to the building, if desired.

Height to top of roof - 3.50m
Height to eaves - 2.00m
Width - 3.638m
Width of building including roof overhang - 4.238m
Depth - 2.420m
Depth of building including roof overhang - 3.020m


The Marland is a quintessentially British pavilion design that will fit in extremely well in any court-side setting.

The Marland Pavilion will most certainly add a charming visual addition to the landscape and your grounds. A delightful building that offers the perfect retreat after a long day, as well as a practical court-side structure to assist with storage, shelter or entertaining. The painted cottage style doors and windows add the perfect finishing touch to this traditional style pavilion.

The Hillyard is manufactured in pressure impregnated European redwood with a light green stain finish. The cedar shingle roof is lined in plain boarding, with the walls lined in tongue and groove style boarding, both painted in off white to match. Copper guttering and downpipes can also be added to the building, if desired.

Height to top of roof - 3.64m
Height to eaves - 2.35m
Width - 4.236m
Depth - 4.836m